Craig Archer Johnson

Process Engineering - 5-Axis Laser

The investment of time and money into purchasing a new piece of high-tech equipment can be intimidating.  A lot rides on that new equipment performing smoothly and running constantly.  After a couple years of less than stellar performance from the workcenter, I was assigned the task of getting a 5-axis laser cutter up to speed.

(Photo credit: Please visit their site. Their CNC equipment is amazing!

After consulting a small group of SME's it became clear that the machine worked fine, but there was a clear disconnect between the operators of the laser and the programmers.  Neither fully understood the other's role and this caused poor performance, damaged parts (and sometimes equipment), and general animosity between the two roles.  I also discovered that while the operators and programmers were both superficially competent at their jobs, the capabilities of the laser and the programming system were being woefully underutilized.  We had bought a Ferrari, but were driving it like a Pinto.

I quickly devised a solution that solved both problems at once: we re-trained everyone.  This on-site instruction for both the operators and programmers allowed each of them to utilize their tools to the fullest extent of the tools' capability.  Furthermore, by having the laser operators attend programming training with the programmers and the programmers attend laser operator training with the laser operators it removed the clouds of ignorance that were causing strife between colleagues.  Within a few weeks of the training, the 5-axis laser cell was running like a well-oiled machine!

Sunset, Utah 84015
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Professional Certifications

  • Instructional Designer (Association for Talent Development)
  • Lean Six Sigma (University of Utah)
  • Certified Manufacturing Technologist (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)
  • AS9100:2009 Internal Auditor
  • Exemplar Global ISO 9001:2015 Certified Lead Auditor


Summary of Experience

  • Learning and Development – 6 years 
  • Management & Project Leadership – 8 years
  • Lean/Six Sigma – 10 years
  • Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality Systems – 20 years


Summary of Education

  • Weber State University
    • Manufacturing Engineering Technology
    • Plastics and Composites Emphasis
    • 3.42 GPA

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